What does "brittle" mean?


The word "brittle" means to have no tensile strength, breaking readily and being easily damaged or destroyed. It also means having rigidity and hardness yet being frail and fragile. Examples include brittle bones and a brittle marriage.

The word "brittle" also means having a tense or sharp quality, such as a brittle tone of voice. The word is also used in the confectionery term "peanut brittle." An example sentence using the word "brittle" is "Current solar cells are largely made of silicon wafers, an expensive and brittle material." An example sentence using the word "brittle" as a noun is "The warmly spiced brittle makes a crunchy garnish for a holiday pumpkin pie."

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having hardness and rigidity but little tensile strength; breaking readily with a comparatively smooth fracture, as glass.
easily damaged or destroyed; fragile; frail: a brittle marriage.
lacking warmth, sensitivity, or compassion; aloof; self-centered: a self-possessed, cool, and rather brittle person.
having a sharp, tense quality: a brittle tone of voice.
unstable or impermanent; evanescent.
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