What Does Bureaucracy Mean?


Bureaucracy is a form of social organization which has a high degree of division of labour and specialization, formal rules, hierarchical structure of authority. It may also refer to non-elective government officials.
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government by many bureaus, administrators, and petty officials.
the body of officials and administrators, especially of a government or government department.
excessive multiplication of, and concentration of power in, administrative bureaus or administrators.
administration characterized by excessive red tape and routine.
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It is that which manages activity. It is the law in place that governs. That could be people, time and space or planets and their activity
A bureaucracy is a government that is administered by non-elected officials who are employees of the government (usually supervised by the current elected officials) It has come to
Be polite. Today's face belongs to a human with feelings. If busy, the person may appreciate your being quick and direct. If not, small talk may be appreciated. Make your case clearly
I have an interesting example of misspelling 'bureaucracy'. Aseem Trivedi is an Indian Politican Cartoonist and Activist. Fed-up with the gargantuan size of scams by the Indian Government
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