What does "bureaucratic" mean?


The adjective "bureaucratic" describes an organization that exhibits a clear chain of command, has an inflexible division of labor, adheres to rules, regulations and procedures that are written, is uncompromising and supports strictly businesslike, detached relationships, as defined by BusinessDictionary.com. Once embraced, bureaucracies are difficult to change.

Max Weber, who lived from 1864 to 1920, is considered the father of bureaucratic management, according to Education Portal. He believed in firm levels of management, such as a vice president of sales positioned below the president of the company but above the supervisor of marketing. A human resources department, for example, enforces rules and procedures that dictate company policy regarding vacation, sick time and overtime, and it is responsible for complying with government regulations, such as determining eligibility for unemployment compensation.

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of, relating to, or characteristic of a bureaucrat or a bureaucracy; arbitrary and routine.
Source: Dictionary.com
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