What Does Cat Lice Look like?


Cat lice are tiny, wingless, six-legged parasites. Signs of lice in cats include itching, presence of white spots known as nits in the hair and anaemia which is characterized by pale whitish gum colour in a weak kitten.
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Adult-biting cat lice grow to two or three mm long. They can be smaller. Eggs (called nits) can barely be seen. The colors of cat lice are usually a very light grey or white. Nits
white little bugs.
Lice can be found in your hair in three different forms: as nits, nymphs and adult lice. You'll need to know how to identify lice in all three forms if you are to properly diagnose
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What Does Cat Lice Look Like?
Lice that can occur on cats look similar to the lice that humans can get, but they are a different species and are not contagious between animals and people. Identify feline lice, which is quite rare, with help from a practicing veterinarian in this free... More »
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Adult body lice are small insects that are reddish, cream or greyish-white in colour and have six legs but have no wings. The lice have three stages in their life ...
Pubic lice eggs look like little white or yellow dots which are usually oval-shaped and about the size of a pin-head. The eggs attach themselves firmly to the ...
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