What Does Cautious Mean?


Cautious is the state of being attentive to examine probable effects and consequences resulting from certain acts to avoid danger or misfortune. It involves showing of careful forethought regarding certain actions which may greatly change a problem or situation.
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showing, using, or characterized by caution: a cautious man; To be cautious is often to show wisdom.
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touching your face brings the oils from whatever you have touched such as a tool, hair, pets , oils in lotions and other beauty products, or from your natural body rubs them into
cautiousness: the trait of being cautious
Caution is shrinkwrapped fear. The quickest way to kill yourself on an escalator is to be too cautious. It's the same in life generally, although with life you don't have to carry
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Cautious means to be attentive to potential problems or dangers or to be careful, prudent or discreet. It can be used in a sentence such as 'The cautious general ...
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Conservative means to be cautious about change, to hold traditions regardless of change. This term is used to refer to individuals who have shown some level of ...
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