What does "CC" mean in a memo?


The abbreviation CC in a memo, or any other physical document, stands for "carbon copy." If it is a digital memo, or other digital document, CC stands for "courtesy copy."

Whether the memo is digital or non-digital, the abbreviation CC essentially means the same thing. It is a copy of a document that is sent to someone other than the original recipient for informational purposes only. The term carbon copy derives from when carbon paper was used to quickly copy documents before computers and printers were widely used. The abbreviation was changed from carbon copy to courtesy copy to make more sense in the digital age.

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1. Find the email addresses of the people who are to receive the carbon copy of the memo. 2. Add these email addresses in the "Cc" field of the email. 3. Click "Send&
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CC: carbon copy (when you send a copy of a letter to
It stands for "Carbon Copy." In the old days, memos were typed. A piece of carbond paper was often put under the sheet and a piece of paper on that. When you typed the memo
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