What Does CD Stand for?


CD is the abbreviation for compact disc. It is a standard of media that was proposed by Phillips and Sony mainly used to store music and other files in digital form.
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Cadmium has the atomic symbol Cd
The atomic symbol of an element is usually represented by the first letters of a given element's name in Greek or Latin.
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In Finance, a CD is a Certificate of Deposit. They are like savings accounts, only they have a fixed term. At the end of the term you can reinvest your money or you can just withdraw
1. Cut the middle circle out from the top of the CD spindle's plastic cover. This is the thicker piece of plastic about 2 inches from the center of top. Round the sides of the piece
If you are speaking in terms of MUSIC, it would be Compact Disc. The "C" stands for "Compact" and the "D" stands for "Disc"
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CDS Stands for Credit-Default Swap. This refers to a financial swap agreement that the supplier of the CDS will compensate the purchaser in the event of a loan ...
The letters 'CD' in the banking industry stand for certificate of deposit. A CD is a savings instrument offered by banks that allows clienteles to receive interest ...
CD-R stands for compact disc recordable. This is a type of compact disc cannot allow more data to be added to it even if there is more storage space left. This ...
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