What Does Cessation Mean?


Cessation is a noun that is use to mean bringing or coming to an end. This term is used synonymously with quite a number of words which include stop, halt, recess, end and suspend.
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a temporary or complete stopping; discontinuance: a cessation of hostilities.
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Cessation means to stop something or the actual act of stopping a specific action. You hear it commonly when talking about smoking cessation, which means to stop smoking.
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Cessation means to stop. So smoking cessation classes would be classes to help you stop smoking. Drug cessation classes would help you stop taking drugs.
There are two main types of smoking cessation programs, and those are group programs and personal programs. You can build your own personal smoking cessation program if it's something
Cessation means "a bringing or coming to an end", or "to stop". In other words, smoking cessation means to stop
The finishing or ending of an action. It's the noun form of "cease"
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Cessation means, to be in the process of stopping something. One more popular term is smoking cessation. Smoking cessation involves the use of different techniques ...
Cessation is to stop doing something. An example of stopping something would be smoking cigarettes. Cessation can also mean the process before quitting or stopping ...
The meaning of the word cessation is to cease or to end. The word also means to come to a stop. When one wants to learn how to stop smoking, one will often get ...
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