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Chemistry is the science study of matter and energy and also the interactions between them. It entails the study of the structure and the behaviour of atoms, properties of compounds and even reactions between substances.
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Chemistry is often referred to as "the central science" because of its importance in linking the more specialized sciences, such as physics, astrology and biology. Each
Learning how to understand basic chemistry isn't too complicated. Chemistry is a physical science that studies the composition, properties and interactions between matter and energy
The study of matter. In this, it sometimes relies on physics. Embed Quote
1. Maintain a formal writing style. Write in the third person, and identify objects and samples specifically and quantitatively. Do not say "I scooped the green stuff into the
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the science that deals with the composition and properties of substances and various elementary forms of matter.
chemical properties, reactions, phenomena, etc.: the chemistry of carbon.
the interaction of one personality with another: The chemistry between him and his boss was all wrong.
sympathetic understanding; rapport: the astonishing chemistry between the actors.
any or all of the elements that make up something: the chemistry of love.
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The main branches of chemistry are: analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, ...
In life sciences and allied applications, decompose means to break down or to be broken down chemically and physically by bacterial or fungal action. In chemistry ...
In Chemistry, solubility is the quantity of a solute that will liquefy in a particular solvent under certain conditions. Basically, the solubility of a substance ...
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