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CHO is an acronym that has several meanings. The most popular is Chinese Hamster Ovary. The Chinese Hamster Ovary cell is a cell line that is derived from the ovary of the Chinese Hamster. Other meanings include Carbohydrate, Chemical Hygiene Officer and Chief Health Officer.
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R-CHO is an aldehyde. (R is any organic backbone)
For nutrition? CHO is an abbreviation for Carbohydrates- an essential structural component of living cells
Carbohydrate (chemical formula Carbon Hydrogen Oxygen)
Carbs: CHO > carbon, hydrogen, oxygen. Proteins: CHON > carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen. Nucleic acids: CHONP > carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus.
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In nutrition, CHO stands for Carbohydrates. CHO stands for Carbon, Hydrogen and Water. The chemical formula for carbohydrates is C6H12O6. ...
Cho Oyu stands at 8,201m (26,906ft) above sea level. It is the sixth highest mountain in the world and the most frequently climbed. It is found in Asia. ...
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