What does Christmas mean to me?


In the Huffington Post, author Lillie Leonardi says that Christmas to her means family gatherings, beloved Christmas traditions and magic. This magic is about more than just Santa Claus; it is about the power and ability of love.

According to Lillie Leonardi's article in the Huffington Post, the meaning of Christmas is a menagerie of memories, sentiments and experiences. The idea of Christmas is influenced by childhood memories and impressions, mixed in with scents of the past, such as the aroma of sugar cookies. It means family, and is a special time when family members gather together to make new memories and share meals.

Christmas is also about the traditions surrounding the magic of Christmas morning, such as decorating the house, baking goodies and writing letters. For instance, on Christmas morning, Leonardi and her family have a birthday party for Jesus, complete with a rendition of a birthday song and a birthday cake.

Christmas also means the magic and power of love. Family members are more loving and tender toward each other on Christmas. People not only receive gifts, but they give gifts as well. This is an important expression of love, as Christmas is about love, faith and hope. It celebrates new beginning and renewal, not only in religion but in the human spirit.

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