What Does Cielo Mean in English?


Cielo is a Spanish word. In English, it can literally mean heaven or sky. The phrase mi Cielo is used by people usually lovers as a common term of endearment similar to darling or sweetheart to mean my sky or my love.
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Cielo in Spanish is the word for sky in English. ChaCha all day long!
El Mirador del cielo in English means the viewpoint of the sky. Ans 2. "Sky watcher" which (as in English) could mean "the guy who watches the sky" or "the
Black Sky (International: English title) (informal literal title)
You can find the movie "Tre metri sopra il cielo" online for free with english subtitles at movsearch.info and it was a wicked movie
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The name Cielo means 'heaven or sky'. Generally, it is used as a girl's name and is known to be of Spanish origin. The name is mainly used in English speaking ...
Cielo means sky or heaven in both Spanish and Italian. It may also refer to a yogurt manufacturer, a car made in Korea or China, and a bottled water brand. ...
The name Cielo is of Latin origin and it means heavenly. Cielo is basically a girl's first name. There is no recorded information that gives a nickname for the ...
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