What does civilized mean?


According to Dictionary.com, "civilized" is a word that refers to an advanced or humane society. A culture or society is referred to as civilized when it can effectively manage its resources in such a way that it improves the quality of life for those living within the society.

The state of being civilized is commonly associated with Western civilization, although emerging economies and Eastern civilizations are becoming increasingly civilized with the spread of globalization. To be civilized is to be part of modern civilization. Modern civilizations have access to the technology and knowledge needed to transcend savagery and a barbaric way of living.

The earliest civilizations date back to ancient history with Hebrews, Greek, Egyptian and Roman empires. These empires were instrumental in the development of philosophy, science, government and ideas of morality. A society or culture that was able to adhere to these ideas was considered more civilized than societies that failed to adopt these principles in favor of a more primitive way of living. According to The History Guide, civilization is "a form of human culture in which many people live in urban centers, have mastered the art of smelting metals, and have developed a method of writing."

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having an advanced or humane culture, society, etc.
polite; well-bred; refined.
of or relating to civilized people: The civilized world must fight ignorance.
easy to manage or control; well organized or ordered: The car is quiet and civilized, even in sharp turns.
Source: Dictionary.com
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