What does "clich�" mean?


A cliché is an expression, characterization or theme that is extremely overused. It is used so frequently that it is neither interesting nor desirable to hear.

According to Merriam-Webster, a cliché marks some phrase, expression, theme or situation that has been used many times in the past and is no longer original or interesting due to its frequent use. The word comes from French origin, meaning a printer's stereotype. Some examples of clichés include overused plot themes, such as "finding your way," overused expressions, such as "cat got your tongue" describing someone who cannot speak and common life lessons, such as "time heals all wounds."

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[klee-shey, kli-]
a trite, stereotyped expression; a sentence or phrase, usually expressing a popular or common thought or idea, that has lost originality, ingenuity, and impact by long overuse, as sadder but wiser, or strong as an ox.
(in art, literature, drama, etc.) a trite or hackneyed plot, character development, use of color, musical expression, etc.
anything that has become trite or commonplace through overuse.
trite; hackneyed; stereotyped; clichéd.
Source: Dictionary.com
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