What Does Compilation Mean?


Compilation means gathering together. This term is typically used in the process of organizing paperwork. In other words, you compile all documents together in one place.
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1. Enter the results of the survey into a database program, such as Microsoft Access or Claris Filemaker. SPSS is a widely used statistical program that allows you to not only log
COMPILER : It is an "INTERPRETER" which takes the instruction from the user(program/any thing) and converts onto the systems language('0' and '1' binary language) for doing
1. Open the iTunes program on your computer. 2. Insert the CD that contains the compilation album into the CD or DVD drive on your computer. 3. Click "File" from the iTunes
I think, I'm not really sure, but I think that it is a series of compiles.
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the act of compiling: the compilation of documents.
something compiled, as a reference book.
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