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Concatenate means to link or connect together. As a term in Computer Science, it is defined as the action of arranging a series of characters into a list that is chained. The word came up between 1425 and 1475.
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to link together; unite in a series or chain.
linked together, as in a chain.
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The word concatenate can be defined as something that can be linked. A chain is a good way of defining concatenate. This word is Middle English and dates back to the 1400's.
The term concatenate is uniting in a chain or in a series. This is referring to linking together. It is joining of two character string end-to-end. It is a binary infix operator.
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1. Initialize the first Python list using the variable "list1" for example, list1=1,5,6] 2. Initialize the second Python list using the variable "list2" for example
Concatenate in MS Excel and most of other tool is function to join text.
( kən′kat·ən′ā·shən ) (computer science) An operation in which a number of conceptually related components are linked together to form
String concatenation is not very efficient for building strings out of smaller pieces. For concatenating 3 or more strings together, faster methods include interpolation (like printf
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Concatenation means things that are connected or joined together. Concatenation is often used in computer programming and databases to join strings and numbers ...
Concatenation is a word derived from the verb concatenate, which means to connect or link interdependent items in a series. The items are placed side by side so ...
Concatenator refers to a person that concatenates which means to combine, link or join together especially in a chain or series. It is also used in reference to ...
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