What Does Conciliatory Mean?


Conciliatory means regaining or trying to regain friendship or goodwill by pleasant behavior. It may mean intended or likely to placate or pacify or something placatory. In a sentence one can say, 'The rebels chose a conciliatory approach to the problem'
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[kuhn-sil-ee-uh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee]
tending to conciliate: a conciliatory manner; conciliatory comments.
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Conciliatory is an adjective that means intended to placate. It may also be defined as making or willing to make concessions. Its synonyms include flexible and compromising.
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it means compromised.
Conciliatory means compromising: making or willing to make concessions.
conciliatory: making or willing to make concessions; intended to placate
"Conciliatory" means a willingness to compromise or to make concessions; a statement intended "to placate" (i.e., to calm; to bring peace to; to sate someone who
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Conciliatory is an adjective that means to gain by pleasing acts or as goodwill. It's the making of something compatible by an act of reconciliation. It also means ...
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This word has a lot of meanings and they are to overcome the distrust or hostility of, placate, and win over. It can also mean to win or gain, to make compatible ...
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