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Constantinople refers to the largest city in Turkey. The city got its name from the great ruler King Constantine who used the city for his administrative purpose. Majority of his decisions and orders were carried out from Constantinople. For a long time Constantinople was the major city of Turkey before the current Istanbul was established.
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former name of Istanbul
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Constantinople is now known as Istanbul and is located in Turkey. It was the largest and wealthiest city in Europe. The city is very beautiful and they like to eat a lot of grilled
Former name for Istanbul. Maybe you mean Constantinople (without s at the end) It is a city in Turkey (now it is called Istanbul)
Constantinople, a place, was the imperial capital of the Roman Empire. Constantine, the
Constantinople, officially called Istanbul is located between the Golden Horn & the Sea of Marmara in T
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Abuna is the Patriarch or the head of the Abyssinian Church. This means that he is a dignitary superior to the order of Archbishop and the patriarch of Constantinople ...
The Byzantium was an extension of the Roman Empire by means of its artistic culture. They were also an intellectual group with roots based in Constantinople. ...
The name Istanbul is derived from the Greek phrase istimbolin, meaning 'in the city' or 'to the city'. Istanbul was historically known as Byzantium and Constantinople ...
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