Corporal Punishment?


Corporal punishment refers to the act of inflicting pain through caning someone, as an act of disciplining them. There are different kinds of corporal punishment, for example beating, lacing, thrashing, whacking or spanking.
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corporal punishment
Law. physical punishment, as flogging, inflicted on the body of one convicted of a crime: formerly included the death penalty, sentencing to a term of years, etc.
physical punishment, as spanking, inflicted on a child by an adult in authority.
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Corporal punishment is generally defined as the infliction of pain inflicted upon a criminal or someone who has committed a wrong-doing. This is always intended as punishment and
Corporal punishment usually has low costs. Sometimes everyday instruments such as rulers or sticks are used to perform acts of corporal punishment. Other times teachers, authority
None and it is illegal in most jurisdictions. Opinion. Actually, I believe that corporal punishment is a good thing because it teaches the child that there are consequences for what
1 Identify whether a "spanking" or "slapping" is indeed corporal punishment, or if it is abuse/violence. Ad 2 Attempt to fill in this sentence, "I did XXXXXXXXX
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Corporeal punishment is a type of disciplinary action that involves deliberate infliction of pain. It is administered by some means of physical force. Spanking ...
Teenage corporal punishment is a form of physical punishment that involves the premeditated infliction of hurt as retribution for an offence being meted out to ...
Corporal punishment is a type of physical punishment which is associated with the deliberate infliction of pain as justice for an offence. This punishment may ...
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