What Does CPM Mean?


CPM is an acronym for Critical Path Method, Cost per impression, Control Program for Microcomputers and Cash Prize Monies. In advertising, it is frequently used to represent cost per thousand.
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CP/M was the first PC operating system. It was developed in 1974 by Gary Kildall at Digital Research, Inc. Microsoft's MS-DOS operating system was a clone of CP/M.
The abbreviation CPM can mean different things. In Advertising it can be cost per mile. In commerce it can stand for certified property manager. CPM can also stand for a human gene that has the protein carboxypeptidase M.
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Cpm is the shortcut for Cost Per 1000 views, the M came from the latin word Mille which translates to thousand. It is a type internet marketing where the advertiser pays depending
CPM is a term in advertising which stands for cost per mile. But it is basically about the cost per thousand impression or view. CPM are specifically targeted at advertisers that
1. Give your ads key position. Successful advertising depends largely upon the location of the ad. The most valuable real estate on a website is the area referred to as "above
abbr. cost per thousand cycles per minute
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CPM is marketing on the Internet where the advertisers pay each time an ad is seen whether or not the person buys anything or not. Hope this helps! ...
CPM means Cost Per Thousand impressions. ...
Some mistakenly interpret "CPM" to mean "cost per mile, but the term actually derives from the Roman numeral for 1,000, which is "M. In this ...
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