What Does Crack Smell like?


Crack smells particularly similar to burning rubber or burning plastic when it is smoked. It is a very noxious odor.
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A bit like WEED but ever so slightely lighter. DUDE.
Crack kinda smells like a cross between burnt plastic and a Bic pen with a touch of
in nursing school they told us it smells like burning rubber (like a tire would smell on a bonfire)
Gosh what an awful situation you might be in. I'm an older, more responsible man than I used to be 15yrs ago. I did it 1st hand and thank goodness I don't play with that fire anymore
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The smell of crack has many variations. Some people claim that it smells like plastic while others say it smells sweet or minty. It depends on what other products are added to it.
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People tend to describe crack as smelling rancid, plasticky and a bit like burning rubber. It is not an easy scent to remove. Generally speaking, if you can air ...
The smell of crack cocaine when it is being smoked has been described in different ways. It has been described as being like the smell of burning plastic, and ...
The smell of crack cocaine smoke can be compared to melting plastic. The smell has a strong chemical odor. Most people consider the smell of crack cocaine to be ...
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