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In math, the term ‘cubed’ is used to refer to a number that is raised to the power of three. This is the same as multiplying the number by itself three times. The name was derived from the calculation of the volume of a cube where the volume is got by multiplying the length by itself, three times.
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1. Learn factoring. A factor is one of the smaller components of a number that, when multiplied by another factor, give you the number; in this case, X cubed. To factor a number,
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a solid bounded by six equal squares, the angle between any two adjacent faces being a right angle.
an object, either solid or hollow, having this form or a form approximating it: a cube of cheese; plastic storage cubes.
sugar cube.
Mathematics the third power of a quantity, expressed as a3 = a·a·a.
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In math, cubed means a number which is used in a multiplication three times. For example when multiplying 4 x 4 x 4 the answer is 64. Therefore, 64 is a cubed ...
A fair number cube is a type of cube that has six numbers painted on it. Fair number cube can also generally mean all types of regular solid with four to twenty ...
To cube a number, just use it in a multiplication 3 times. We write down 3 Cubed as 33.This means the number appears three times in multiplying. ...
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