What Does Cultivate Mean?


Cultivate means to prepare and work on land so as to grow crops, in other words to till. The word cultivate also refers to promote or advance the growth of a plant or, crop by labour and attention.
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to prepare and work on (land) in order to raise crops; till.
to use a cultivator on.
to promote or improve the growth of (a plant, crop, etc.) by labor and attention.
to produce by culture: to cultivate a strain of bacteria.
to develop or improve by education or training; train; refine: to cultivate a singing voice.
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Cultivation is the process of harvesting food that has been intentionally grown. It differs from gathering, as gathering was dependent on what food was already present in the area
Cultivators are used mainly to control weeds but in the process they keep the soil loose to promote air flow and mix in nutrients. Although varying in design, cultivators loosen soil
Cultivate means to grow something or produce something like onions.
1. Find a sunny spot where you can grow your blue-green algae. Although it is a bacteria, it behaves much like a plant in that it requires at least six hours of sunlight a day to
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To cultivate something means to work with a thing to help it grow better. Plants, gardens, trees and shrubs can be cultivated so that they're growth will thrive. ...
Cultivated refers to produced or improved by cultivation, as a plant or prepared for raising crops by ploughing or fertilizing. The word may also refer to educated ...
Cultivation means the production of food by preparing the land in order to grow crops. It may also mean socialisation through training and education or that which ...
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