What Does Curvy Mean?


Curvy may refer to something that has curves. The second meaning is a woman?s body that has bosom with attractive curves.
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Informal. curvaceous
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To get a curvy body you can try to wear different clothing. The most effective way is to eat healthy. Get plenty of exercise the is a sure way to a curvy body.
1. Determine your body type: pear-shaped, apple-shaped or hourglass. Know which parts of your body you like and wish to accentuate. Remember to embrace your curves rather than hide
1 Understand that variety is beautiful. Human beings come in all shapes and sizes. All of them are equally beautiful. The fact that only certain body types are featured on billboards
adjective Having a full, voluptuous figure: buxom, curvaceous, shapely, well-developed. Informal built. Slang stacked. See beautiful/ugly.
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The word curvy means having curves. It is derived from the word curve which refers to a line or outline which gradually deviates from being straight for some or ...
You mean like me? LOL, no just kidding, they work out with personal trainers who don't strive to make them super-skinny, but make them more athletic. ...
A full figured individual is an individual (mostly women), with a curvy, amply proportioned, fleshy, well-rounded or curvaceous body physique. ...
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