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A dark horse means someone who emerges to prominence after being previously slightly known. It originated from a horse racing parlance, and dark horse was that one which was not known to the punters and was difficult to place odds on.
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How to Submit Comics to Dark Horse Prepare a portfolio that includes five consecutive penciled comic pages. Attend Comic-Con. Go to the Portfolio Review area. Dark Horse editors judge
"Dark horse" is a phrase used to describe a person or thing about which very little is known. Like in politics - a dark horse candidate would be someone who is not well-known
n. One who achieves unexpected support and success as a political candidate, typically during a party's convention. A little-known, unexpectedly successful entrant, as in a horserace
I don't think many people would consider Holland to be a dark horse--if anything, it has been surprising that they have not previously won the cup, given their quality of play and
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dark horse
a racehorse, competitor, etc., about whom little is known or who unexpectedly wins.
a candidate who is unexpectedly nominated at a political convention.
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