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There is no clear fact as to what DC in DC Shoes stands for. DC Shoes is a company found in America that deals with footwear for skateboarding, extreme sports and snowboarding. It is also concerned with jeans, snowboards and shirts.
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DC Shoes is an American company which specializes in footwear that are used in extreme sports, snowboarding and skateboarding. DC originally had the meaning of Droors Clothing but it was sold to Qucksilver and therefore DC's ties to Droors were broke. As of 2012 march DC Shpoes has no extra meaning.
What the DC stands for in DC Shoes, is Droors Clothing. The DC line makes clothes for skaters and BMX riders. The brand became popular in the late 90s.
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A synthetic rubber material is what DC shoes are made out of. It is not actual rubber however. This being the case, if you have a latex allergy, you can wear them ...
When it originally started it, dc meant Droors Clothing but that name was soled sometime in the future so now it is just called DC. It is on all their line of ...
Most people lace their DC shoes using the bar lacing method. To lace DC shoes this way, start by inserting the lace straight across the bottom eyelets on the outside ...
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