What Does DCI Mean?


DCI is an acronym that has many definitions. However, in some terms it may be used by vehicle drivers to mean 'Driving Car Intoxicated'. There are also other meanings to that acronym and some of them in clued 'Director of Central Intelligent', 'Display Control Interface' and 'Digital Consulting Inc'
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1. Construct a tournament legal Magic: The Gathering deck. Review the tournament legal formats on the DCI website. 2. Use the DCI tournament locator to find a nearby Magic: The Gathering
(1) (Digital Cinema Initiatives) See digital cinema. (2) (Display Control Interface) An Intel/Microsoft programming interface for full-motion video and games in Windows. It allowed
The DCI (Duelist Convocation International) is an organization that creates standardized rules for play
DCi engine (also called common rail) is a modern variant of direct fuel injection system for petrol and diesel engines. :
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Dcis has several meanings. For instance it may refer to Defence Criminal Investigative Service which is a criminal investigative arm of the office of the inspector ...
The abbreviation DCI has several different meanings but the most common meaning is Director of Central Intelligence. The Director of Central Intelligence is the ...
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