What does "dedication" mean?


According to Oxford Dictionaries, "dedication" means "the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose." A secondary use of the word means "the action of dedicating a church or other building."

The word ultimately comes from the Latin roots "de," which means "away," and "dicare," which means "proclaim." An example of the first definition of the word in a sentence is "Buffy's dedication to her job was complete; she sacrificed her social life and her family life to make time for her career." An example of the second sense of the word in a sentence is "Various members of the city government came to the dedication of the new school, but few stayed for the whole ceremony." The word is also used to indicate an inscription of words proclaiming that a book or building belongs to a person, deity or cause.

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the act of dedicating.
the state of being dedicated: Her dedication to medicine was so great that she had time for little else.
a formal, printed inscription in a book, piece of music, etc., dedicating it to a person, cause, or the like.
a personal, handwritten inscription in or on a work, as by an author to a friend.
a ceremony marking the official completion or opening of a public building, institution, monument, etc.
Source: Dictionary.com
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