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The word descended has several definitions and related phrases. It could mean to move down and lower but not necessarily all the way, either to make an attack; to appear suddenly and with violence or to come from a level less becoming of one’s self. You can find more meanings of the term at: http://www.dictionary.net/descended.
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to go or pass from a higher to a lower place; move or come down: to descend from the mountaintop.
to pass from higher to lower in any scale or series.
to go from generals to particulars, as in a discussion.
to slope, tend, or lead downward: The path descends to the pond.
to be inherited or transmitted, as through succeeding generations of a family: The title descends through eldest sons.
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Descend is a word that is used as an intransitive verb to mean to move from a higher ground to a lower ground. The term can also be used to mean to lower oneself ...
Descending is a verb that means to move from a higher position to a lower one. It entails going down. The term can also refer to coming form an ancestor or ancestry ...
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