What Does Deviance Mean?


Deviance is the exact or state of being deviant. Being deviant entails differing form norm or just form the accepted standards of society. It involves having a different attitude towards something that is accepted by many.
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deviant quality or state.
deviant behavior.
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Deviance is being different in terms of behavior. In some societies, people with mental disabilities or suffering from drug abuse are considered to show deviance. You can find more
from the word Deviant meaning departing from the normal, departing from what is considered acceptable behaviour.
The theory of Labeling maintains that deviance is in the eye of the beholder, who must define it. The label is the cause, and deviance is a natural part of human behavior. In theory
An alternative to an Anscombe residual or a Pearson residual (see chi-squared test). In the case of a generalized linear model with random errors having a Poisson distribution, a
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The word, 'deviance' can be defined as an adjective that means something that differs from the normal or from the standard. Some of its synonyms can include abnormality ...
Well this depends on what type of deviance you are referring to. There's deviance's in statistics and deviance's in Sociology. In Statistics, Deviance means, ...
When individuals in a system, over time, change the rules of what has been ...
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