What Does Devils Advocate Mean?


Devil’s advocate is a person who upholds the opposing end of an argument, the view considered to be wrong and indefensible. Usually, the devil’s advocate does this merely for argument’s sake. The term also refers to an official chosen to examine facts critically and raise objections in the matter of canonisation of saint.
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The phrase 'playing the devil's advocate' means taking a position one does not necessarily agree with just for the sake of argument
This comes from a position in the Roman Catholic Church called Devil's Advocate, whose job is to argue against the potential canonization of candidates for sainthood, in contrast to the God's Advocate, who argued for the candidates.
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1. Get into a conversation. with someone. 2. Move onto a controversial topic, or a topic that people have strong opinions about. It must be a topic that has multiple sides to it.
A person that insists on arguing the unpopular side of a conversation.
1. Explain the history of the term “devil’s advocate” to ensure that students do not confuse the objectives of the lesson with anything related to the religious
The term "devil's advocate" sounds like it is referring to something religious, but in normal everyday use it really has no religious connotations at all. It applies to
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Playing devil's advocate means to pretend to be against an idea or plan which a lot of people support in order to make people discuss it in more detail and think ...
Devil's advocate is a term used to refer to an official selected to examine the facts critically and raise objections in the case of a dead person named for beatification ...
A devil's advocate is an individual that stands by a position that he or she does not agree with but only does this for the sake of an argument. The individual ...
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