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Discernment is the trait or process of exhibiting keen insight and good judgment. Discernment is so imperative to the Christians, it is the ability to see, find and recognize the truth and then know what to do with it. A lack of it has resulted in continuous amounts of false teaching, foolish fads, experiential thrill seeking and distracting doctrine which takes Christians away from a simple chase of humble servant hood and holiness.
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[dih-surn-muhnt, -zurn-]
the faculty of discerning; discrimination; acuteness of judgment and understanding.
the act or an instance of discerning.
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Discernment is used to describe the activity of determining the value of a particular event or subject. It is also used to describe the activity of moving past the mere perception of something, and making a detailed judgement about it.
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The word discernment means ones perception or judgment over a certain thing, event, or person. For example, your discernment might be telling you that you should not quit your job.
Answer The ability to recognize or distinguish the true nature of someone or something. Discernment and wisdom are close cousins. Personally, discernment means that I can "see
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Discern means to perceive or understand through the senses or intellect. It denotes perceiving the difference or the character of something or someone. ...
Discerning means to able to distinguish mentally or recognize what is right or wrong. It may also mean to having or revealing keen insight and good judgment. ...
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