What does distribution mean?


According to Reference Dictionary, distribution is a noun that means an act or instance of distributing something. It can also mean an act of giving or delivering something to people.

The term can be used in various applications. Society is concerned with the distribution of wealth since money remains with the richest few. Businesses fail or thrive based on how effectively their products are distributed to consumers. Individuals distribute their total wages for things they need and desire. In financial matters, contributing a sum to an investment account is called a contribution, while removing funds is referred to as a distribution.

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A closed-end fund typically makes distributions monthly or quarterly. See if you can choose to have them reinvested to maximize compounding and returns.
1. Decide who you want reach. Do you want to target children? Do you want to reach out to families or servicemen and women? Maybe you want to appeal to Spanish-speaking areas. This
1. Research potential distributors. Identify the movie's genre and the audience it appeals to most. Find distributors that have released similar titles. Gather contract information.
1. Determine how much of your early IRA distribution is from contributions if you are taken an early distribution from a Roth IRA. With a Roth IRA, contributions come out before earnings
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an act or instance of distributing.
the state or manner of being distributed.
arrangement; classification.
something that is distributed.
the frequency of occurrence or the natural geographic range or place where any item or category of items occurs: What is the distribution of coniferous forests in the world?
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