What Does Dyslexia Mean?


Dyslexia is considered a learning disorder. It causes the affected person to have their ability to recognize and comprehend written words to be impaired.
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Dyslexia (developmental Reading Disorder)
Developmental reading disorder (DRD), more commonly called dyslexia, occurs when your brain has a hard time processing language. You might misread the letters in a word and/or have difficulty reading irregular or unfamiliar words. Dyslexia is the most common type of reading disorder, affecting two to eight percent of young children. . . . More »
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Dyslexia is an inherited, neurologically based disorder that makes it extremely difficult to process language. In other words, a person with this condition has much difficulty with
Sufferers Dyslexia affects all ages. The advantage to early detection is that children are more easily taught how to deal with it by using alternate techniques. Writing Dyslexia is
Dyslexia is something you are born with that mixes up words in your mind. For example, you would look at ate but to you it would be tae.
1 Know that dyslexia is most often diagnosed between the ages of 6 and 10. Signs of this in preschool-aged children are difficult to detect. High school children and adults may be
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1. Know that one symptom of dyslexia is late talking. This doesn't mean that all toddlers who talk late will have dyslexia, but if your child speaks, make sure ...
The term dyscalculia means to have difficulty with numbers and to count badly. One cause of dyscalculia is dyslexia. You can find a free test online for dyscalculia ...
It doesn't mean anything when a child writes with their left hand. However, if a child writes words out of order or backwards, this may be a sign of dyslexia. ...
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