What Does Echogenic Mean?


Echogenic is an adjective that defines the characteristic of containing structures that echo high frequency sound waves and therefore result in reflections of ultrasound waves. The noun that is derived from this term is ethogenicity which is the extent to which a structure is able to give rise to reflections of ultrasound waves.
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Containing structures that reflect high-frequency sound waves and thus can be imaged by ultrasound techniques. In ultrasonography:- giving rise to reflections (echoes) of ultrasound
The exact cause of intracardiac echogenic foci remains unclear; however, they appear to be caused by small deposits of calcium in the papillary muscle of the fetal heart. The condition
The characteristic ability of a tissue or substance to reflect sound waves and produce echoes. Bone and gas are most echogenic and fluids such as urine and bile the least. Organ parenchyma
Echogenic (adj) means containing structures that reflect high-frequency sound waves and can
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capable of generating or reflecting sound waves.
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The term echogenic is used to mean relating or pertaining reflection of ultrasound waves. This term is also used in some quarters to mean having structures that tend to reflect the high frequency sound waves.
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