What Does El Nino Mean?


El Niño or ENSO is a quasi-periodic climate pattern that occurs across the tropical Pacific Ocean on average of three to seven years. This happens when the surface of the tropical eastern Pacific Ocean warms up. It is known to cause extreme weather such as floods, droughts and other weather disturbances in many regions of the world.
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Take note of changes in the Pacific Ocean area. One of the first signs of El Nino is a rise in the air pressure in the areas of the Indian Ocean, Australia and Indonesia. When the
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El Nino is a disturbance of the ocean atmosphere system in the Tropical Pacific having major consequences for the weather and climate around the world. It happens every two to seven
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El Ni·ño
[el neen-yoh; Spanish el nee-nyaw]
a warm ocean current of variable intensity that develops after late December along the coast of Ecuador and Peru and sometimes causes catastrophic weather conditions.
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You've probably heard of the climate phenomenon that is known as El Nino, but have you ever wondered what 'el Niño' means? It means 'the child'. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eon
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Even though an El Niño started at the end of 2009 and is supposed to last through the winter of 2010, the last one we had was in 2006. El Niñ ...
El Nino, thought to be caused by underwater volcanoes, is the warming of the water in the Pacific Ocean. La Nina is the opposite. It is the cooling of the water ...
Actually, as of right now in February of 2010, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, we are currently in the midst of an El ...
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