What Does Elliptical Mean?


Elliptical is a term which means that of, relating to, or shaped like an ellipse. It means that of, relating to, or marked by extreme economy of speech or writing. This word is an adjective that is pronounced as i-ˈlip-ti-kəl, e-.
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pertaining to or having the form of an ellipse.
pertaining to or marked by grammatical ellipsis.
(of speech or writing) expressed with extreme or excessive economy; relieved of irrelevant matter: to converse in elliptical sentences.
(of a style of speaking or writing) tending to be ambiguous, cryptic, or obscure: an elliptical prose that is difficult to translate.
Source: Dictionary.com
When something is referred to as being elliptical, it is meant that it has the form of an ellipse, or that it is being expressed with extreme economy.
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