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Elope means to run away secretly with someone?s lover.
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to run off secretly to be married, usually without the consent or knowledge of one's parents.
to run away with a lover.
to leave without permission or notification; escape: At age 21, the apprentice eloped from his master.
(of a person with a mental disorder or cognitive impairment) to leave or run away from a safe area or safe premises.
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If you are going to elope, you have to keep it a secret. Just hop in the car or on a plane with your significant other and get married.
1. Decide if eloping is right for you. There are pros and cons to eloping. The main drawback is that you may hurt the feelings of your close family members if they are not invited
1 Be sure that eloping is what you want to do. If you feel pressured by your spouse-to-be or any other person, then the decision you make may not be the one you want. If budgetary
Elopement is the act of running away with a lover/partner (usually to get married)
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In my experience, eloping does not mean that you cannot have a large, traditional wedding in a few years. It will not be the same kind of celebration since you ...
To elope for a wedding means to sneak away and do it without anyone else present. It means that there is no big fancy wedding where there are hundreds of guests. ...
You probably meant to write "elope". This means to get married hurriedly and without telling other people. The noun form is elopement. Correct usage ...
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