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Enamoured is a word that is used as an adjective to mean that someone or an animal is in love with or is enchanted with something, someone or another animal. The word is derived from the Latin root word amour which means love.
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to fill or inflame with love (usually used in the passive and followed by of or sometimes with): to be enamored of a certain lady; a brilliant woman with whom he became enamored.
to charm or captivate.
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it sounds like being in love.
enamored: marked by foolish or unreasoning fondness
(ĭ-năm'ər) tr.v. , -ored , -or·ing , -ors . To inspire with love; captivate: was enamored of the beautiful dancer; were enamored with the charming island. [Middle
Enamor (v) means to fill or inflame with love (usually used in the passive and fol. by of or
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Enamoured is a passive form derived from a verb word enamour that means to inspire with love or captivate. Other synonyms to the word are charmed, fascinated, ...
The antonym for enamoured is unloving or lacking love feelings. To be enamoured is to be full of the feeling of love. Antonyms are words that are opposite in meaning ...
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