What Does Enslave Mean?


Enslave means to make into, bring into servitude or as if into a slave. In other words it means to cause (someone) to lose their freedom of choice or action. It can also be defined as to make subservient, to strip one of freedom or to enthral.
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to make a slave of; reduce to slavery: His drug addiction has completely enslaved him.
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My name is Skyler. Enslavement is slavery, long long ago we had lots of slavery. The people that took the people to be slaves took mostly black people because they thought colored
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Enslavd means to to make a slave of; reduce to slavery. There are many people who have been
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Enslavement is the state or action of making someone a slave. It is a system in which some people are treated as the property of others. Another meaning is that ...
Enslave is a verb that means to make into, especially someone, a slave or to reduce them into slavery. It also defines the act of causing someone to loose their ...
To conquer with force; to enslave someone or some people. ...
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