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Episcopal is an adjective that is used to refer something or someone that pertains or bares the characteristics of an Episcopal church. These are the churches that are mainly governed by bishops, for example the Anglicans church.
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of or pertaining to a bishop: episcopal authority.
based on or recognizing a governing order of bishops: an episcopal hierarchy.
(initial capital letter) designating the Anglican Church or some branch of it, as the Episcopal Church in America.
(initial capital letter) Informal. an Episcopalian.
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The Episcopal is actually known as a church. It is the Province of the Anglican Communion. You can find the Episcopal churches in the United States, Honduras, Taiwan, Colombia, and
The first item used in an Episcopal rosary is a cross or crucifix. The crucifix includes a representation of Christ on the cross, while a cross does not. A brief prayer is said to
1 Test your vocation initially in prayer and by participating in ministry opportunities in your congregation. You are known as an aspirant during this initial phase in the ordination
An Episcopal is a Bishop, an overseer in the Christian church.
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Episcopal is a word of derived from the Greek word episcopos, meaning overseer and is used to refer to a bishop. An Episcopalian is a person who has been confirmed ...
Episcopization is defined as the process of ordaining a bishop. It also means to convert to episcopalianism. The other meaning is to work as a bishop. ...
The word episcopize means to make a bishop of or by consecration. It may also be used to mean performing the duties of a high-ranking Christian cleric, in modern ...
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