What Does Ethnicity Mean?


Ethnicity means Cultural values or norms that distinguish the members of a given community from another. An ethnic group is one whose members share a distinct awareness of a common cultural identity.
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1. Explore the roots of your racial makeup by using family documents, birth, death and marriage certificates to trace your family tree. Expect to find fascinating connections if you
An ethnicity is an individual's nationality or cultural and traditional background. An ethnic group is a group that identifies on ancestral or racial grounds, based around culture
1. For some ethnicities, it's tough being scene, especially African Americans, because they usually have permed hair and you don't want to damage your hair. Ad. 2. Work on your hair
She is half black and half El Salvadoran [1]. [1]
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ethnic traits, background, allegiance, or association.
an ethnic group: Representatives of several ethnicities were present.
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Ethnicity is cultural values and norms which distinguish the members of a given group from others. An ethnic group is one whose members share a distinct awareness of a common cultural identity.
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