What Is the Meaning of Evaporation?


Evaporation is the process by which liquid water turns into vapor, apparently disappearing.
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1. Determine the evaporator fluid's temperature drop. If you want fluid to enter the evaporator at 62 degrees Fahrenheit and leave at 46 degrees Fahrenheit: 63 - 46 = 16 degrees.
Evaporation is the process of liquid turning to gas by the folowing mechanism: The fastest moving molecules (those with the highest kinetic energy) at the surface of the liquid have
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the act or process of evaporating.
the state of being evaporated.
Archaic. matter or the quantity of matter evaporated or passed off in vapor.
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Evaporation means when liquid turns into a gas. For example, after a couple of hours, a wet beach towel will lose its moisture and become dry again since the water evaporated from the towel.
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Evaporate refers to convert or change into a vapour or to draw off in the form of vapour. In chemistry, the word evaporate may denote to lose or cause to lose ...
Transpiration is basically evaporation of water from a plant. It is actually the passage of water through vascular tissues of a plant into the atmosphere. Transpiration ...
Volatile is a term that has several meanings one of them being any substance that evaporates readily from liquid or solid to vapour. Another meaning is liable ...
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