What Does Exo Mean?


Exo means outside. Therefore, and exoskeleton is stiff body materials outside the rest of the body. An exodermis is the outer layer of of a plant cell.
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When written as an acronym, "EXO" may mean the Enriched Xenon Observatory, a particle physics experiment.
pref. Outside; external: exoskeleton. [From Greek exō, outside, from ex, out of.]
Exo is a prefix meaning outside or outer. For example, Exopolitics
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Exo and Endo are prefixes that are often used in science. The definition of the prefix Exo means outside. Coincidentally, the prefix Endo means inside. ...
The word exogenous is derived from the Greek words 'exo'and 'gignomi' which mean 'outside' and 'to come to be'. The word itself means a action or object developing ...
Exocolitis is a medical condition, usually characterised by inflammation of the outer coat of the large intestine. It derives its meaning from 'exo', meaning external ...
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