What Does Exothermic Mean?


The word exothermic means the process of releasing energy from a system which is mostly in form of heat. It can also refer to a form of an explosion or flame.
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1. Prepare the materials to be welded. Preparation methods vary by each material's makeup and the application of the finished weld. Clean the pieces to be welded, and position them
( ′ek·sə′thərm ) (chemical engineering) The graphical plotting of heat rise and fall versus time for an exothermic reaction or process system.
Exothermic: adj : (of a chemical reaction or compound) occurring or formed with evolution of
A firework exploding, because it gives off heat as a source of energy so that it can errupt into the air.
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noting or pertaining to a chemical change that is accompanied by a liberation of heat (endothermic).
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Exothermic means that the chemical reaction produces heat as part of that reaction. The heat given off is usually detectable by a change in temperature while the two chemicals are reacting.
The word exothermic means accompanied by the release of heat when speaking of a reaction or process. When speaking of a compound, exothermic means formed from its constituent elements with a release of heat. A synonym for the word exothermic is exothermal.
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