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Fanfare refers to a short celebratory song or short piece of music which is played on brass instruments like trumpets, usually to bring in something or someone important like a noble or royal individual. This term is also applied for music pieces performed on hunting horns in the chase.
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a flourish or short air played on trumpets or the like.
an ostentatious display or flourish.
publicity or advertising.
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A fanfare usually features bright-sounding trumpets playing a quick, rhythmic melody. The notes are most often a triad in a major key. The origin of the term "fanfare" is
a fanfare is a short piece of music with brass instruments and accompined by percussion
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fanfare: a gaudy outward display; (music) a short lively tune played on brass instruments
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The origin of a fanfare is in France between the years 1760 and 1770. The word is a back formation from fanfarer which means to play a flourish on trumpets. It ...
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