What Is Meaning of Favela?


A favela is the generally term used to describe a slum/shanty town in the Brazil region especially in the capital Rio de Janiero. They are constructed from a variety of materials, ranging from paper to bricks to garbage and are very close together and very cramped.
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[fuh-vel-uh; Portuguese fah-ve-lah]
a shantytown in or near a city, especially in Brazil; slum area.
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A fevela can be referred to as a shanty town or slum. Usually a favela is in reference to slum town in Brazil. It is a native Brazilian word.
A favela is a shanty town in Brazil. The favelas are the residences of poor people built on hillsides around major cities.
1. Start the game and start a multiplayer match with "Favela" as your location. 2. Run to the blue car (found in the bottom right hand area of the map) and jump on top of
They are houses the poor live in in Brazil.
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A favela is a general term for a shanty town in Brazil and the largest one in Sao Paulo is known as Heliopolis. It means 'city of the sun' and was initially a ...
Favelas are inhabited by poor people. A shanty town in Brazil, it had its first settlements in the 18th century and were called 'barrios africanos', meaning African ...
Favela is a Portuguese word that means slums or shantytown that is lived with millions of poor inhabitants. Life in these shanties is usually full of deprivation ...
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