What Does Fertilization Mean?


Fertilization is the process of combining the female gamete or ovum with the male gamete or sperm. It may also refer to the enrichment of soil for the production of crops or the state of being fertilized.
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Apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer before planting or seeding a lawn. Mix the fertilizer into the root zone, following the label instructions for dosage. The best time to fertilize
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Fertilization efforts for hostas should begin before the growing season begins, generally in late winter or early spring. This ensures that the plants will have the added benefit
1. Improve your diet. Eating high-quality foods in the correct proportion is important. Eating organic foods will ensure that you do not ingest pesticides and other environmental
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an act, process, or instance of fertilizing.
the state of being fertilized.
the enrichment of soil, as for the production of crops.
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