What Does Fish Eat?


Some of the foods that are eaten by fish include: shrimps, planktons, insects, small crustaceans and shelled creatures. They breathe by use of gills and have a streamlined shaped that enables them power through water.
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What do fish eat? When you're buying new fish, you should ask the experts at the pet store what food the fish have been fed to get a good idea of what kind of fish food the fish are
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Some types of fish eat plant matter and small organisms, while others are carnivorous and eat other fish.
Fish feed on quite a wide array of foods which include planktons, algae, sea grasses, sponges, smaller fish, grains and parasite pickers. However, it is prudent to note that there are commercially produced foods for fish.
Fish in lakes or streams eat worms or bugs that land in the water. Fish at houses eat fish food. Fish in the ocean often eat each other.
Fish eat both meat and plants. They will eat worms, bugs, and even other smaller fish. They also will eat algae and other different kinds of plants.
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Fish are eaten by many different species including animals, other fish, and mammals. Many other species in the ocean eat fish including sharks, other fish, and ...
Herbivorous fish are the kind of fish that eat seaweed. Two examples of this are the surgeon fish and the parrotfish. ...
Fish eat in different ways, depending upon the species. Some fish, such as the great white, are carnivorous and eat only meat. Other fish are either herbivorous ...
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