What are flora and fauna?


Flora and fauna are terms that refer to the plant life and animal life indigenous to a specific geographical region or time period. While flora refers to native plants found in a region, fauna means the different types of animals of a specific area or habitat.

The words "flora" and "fauna" are of Latin origin. Flora was the name of the Roman goddess of flowers and plants. In Roman mythology, Fauna was also a goddess who was the sister of the god Faunus.

Different regions of the world have different types of flora and fauna. For example, some animals found in Australia are mammals like the kangaroos and wallabies. There are approximately 55 species of these two animals that are indigenous to Australia. As for Australia’s flora, there are approximately 24,000 types of native plants. Similarly, other plants like cacti are native to certain desert regions of the world.

Because there are so many different types of plants and animals, there also are different subdivisions of classifications of flora and fauna. These subdivisions consist of different species and genus. For example, fauna relates to the animal kingdom, but there are subdivisions within this kingdom, such as Avifauna (relating to bird species of a region) and Piscifauna (relating to fish of an area).

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Flora is all of the plant life of a particular region or time. Fauna is the corresponding term for animals.
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